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Dutch text 

Dirk Corporaal, Zweefvliegen, Elementaire Vliegopleiding 5th edition 2018

The text of the original EVO-book has been created and rewritten with the recommendations of many Dutch flight instructors and the CIV (Dutch Committee for Gliding Training and Safety).

English text Roelof and Dirk Corporaal

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Illustrations of the Dutch EVO-book Ontwerpstudio Jukkema, Dronrijp
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Photos Patrick Rowney, Guy Westgate, Kyra Versteege, Frida van Bree, Jaap Bruggenkamp,
Günter Forneck, Emmo Koetje jr, Sascha Hübers, Henk Jukkema, Ellen Keefer, Gerhard Marzinzik, FSV Möckmühl e. V.,
Mathias Mühlbacher, Henk & Jantine Postma, Segelflugzeugbau Schleicher, Markus Wagner, Wolfert Voet, Dirk Corporaal, and others
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